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Our product range: Gastro furniture - Gastro equipments - Table frames - Commercial kitchen elements - Refrigerated and heated showcases - Atypical design elements - Information and map boards for golf courses - Clothes benches and hangers for sports facilities - Elements of public space - Information boards - Office tables and sets - Office Furniture - Table Bases - Chairs - Tables - Stools - Bar Tables - Lighting - Garden Furniture …..

individua. Table tops with your logo

individua. Table tops with your logo individua, the logo table tops from WERZALIT, can be used to great effect at events, trade fairs and promotional activities. Whether for celebrations, as durable advertisements or for sale, they are the perfect platform for your brand.

individua table tops are specially designed according to your wishes – you choose the desired shape and dimension and simply send us your image. The weatherproof wood material has high UV-stability, making the logo table tops appropriate for all conceivable uses – even for temporary outdoor use. Acceptable file formats For the best possible printing results, the graphics should always be 80 mm larger than the table top format on each side. Please remove crop marks as well as other marks and reference lines from the print data. Images from the following software and in the following for- mats and resolutions can be processed: Image editing and graphics programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Corel Draw, Macromedia Freehand, QuarkXPress. File formats: For exchanging data, please use PDF x 1a (2001) V.1.3. Alternatively, EPS files or TIFFs can be used. Please avoid file formats such as AI, IND, DOC, PPF, DXF, etc. These can lead to compatibility or licensing issues. Create fonts as drawing paths or attach the original font file. Resolution for image files: at least 300dpi or 160–200dpi in final size.