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Our product range: Gastro furniture - Gastro equipments - Table frames - Commercial kitchen elements - Refrigerated and heated showcases - Atypical design elements - Information and map boards for golf courses - Clothes benches and hangers for sports facilities - Elements of public space - Information boards - Office tables and sets - Office Furniture - Table Bases - Chairs - Tables - Stools - Bar Tables - Lighting - Garden Furniture …..


 - We supply design tables, metal tables with glass top table with metal legs and a wooden board, wooden tables and folding tables.

 - Design tables of our offer will grace any interior. Another outstanding aspect of materials used and the unique design of our tables distinguishable from other suppliers

- Wooden tables are made of materials zpřírodních (solid beech or oak wood veneer, veneer, etc. .. ARO) with an additional surface treatment (wax, paint, varnish).
- Metal tables with glass or wooden panel is one of the best selling category tables. It brings offer several models that can combine (the customer can choose a different finish metal skeleton table - ALU silver paint, chrome or matte stainless steel) can also select different table tops (glass, wood, laminate). A wide range of size is sure to satisfy your needs
- At the table, you can usually choose the shape and material of the feet, material and thickness of the upper plate, flat or round edges, dimensions and surface finish (color) of wood.
- A large selection of table and table base plate gives you the opportunity to build a table of your dreams in order to properly complement the style you used a chair into the interior.
- We tabletops and zvýroby right leg, so you can adjust almost all parameters.
- Most popular are veneered panels and solid desktop. Here we can meet any customer's wishes and adjust plate exactly according to the expectations.
- Another variant of the laminated table tops, imitating the color and structure of selected timber species. Laminated panels can be supplied in various colors and decorations UNI.
- Folding tables in recent times enjoyed great popularity among customers. Their use is very wide - are suitable for meeting room, conference halls, restaurants, training centers and other facilities where the tables are used occasionally and the use of the tables to be stored without the need for large storage facilities. Vtuto moment, folding tables from our company the best choice. Folding tables can be supplied with or without table board (only self-construction)